Sony Alpha DSLR-A100

Released June, 2006
  • 10 MP
  • APS-C 23.6 x 15.8 mm CCD
  • 2.5" LCD
Sharpening is conservative, but the detail is there, even sharper crisper images are available if you shoot RAW and convert using Adobe Camera RAW.
by DPReview (Jul, 2006)
8.6 Out of 10

Camera Rocket Review Our evaluation of the Sony Alpha DSLR-A100

Image Quality

RAW image quality independent of lens

Alpha DSLR-A100
Nikon D90
DxOMark Low light, DxOMark Color depth and DxOMark Dynamic range


How fast and easily does the camera nail focus

Alpha DSLR-A100
Nikon D90
Focus lag


How much delay is there between you and your photo?

Alpha DSLR-A100
Nikon D90
Focus lag, continuous shooting and Startup delay


What do the experts think?

Alpha DSLR-A100
Nikon D90
Reviews from, and


Camera Rocket Score

Image Quality, Focusing, Responsiveness and Reviews

Alpha DSLR-A100
Nikon D90

Benchmarks Real world tests of the Sony Alpha DSLR-A100

Low light image quality Highest ISO setting that still achieves great image quality

Alpha DSLR-A100
476 ISO
1,385 ISO
1,338 ISO

Focus lag Delay between fully pressing shutter to image capture

Alpha DSLR-A100
310 ms
200 ms

Shutter lag Delay to take a photo when prefocused

Alpha DSLR-A100
116 ms
Nikon D90
67 ms
80 ms

Startup delay Delay from power on to first photo

Alpha DSLR-A100
1,100 ms
Nikon D90
300 ms
400 ms

Continuous shooting Delay between fully pressing shutter to image capture

Alpha DSLR-A100
3 fps
12 fps
5 fps

Battery life How many photos per battery charge (CIPA)

Alpha DSLR-A100
750 photos
540 photos
550 photos

Photo Gallery Wallpaper quality closeups of the camera

Reviews Word on the street for the Sony Alpha DSLR-A100

Manual white balance fared best, turning in perfectly neutral images.

Yes, it's plastic, but the finish is good, the camera feels solid and robust and the controls are nice - the minor controls, especially, have a better finish than those on the Dynax.


8.0 Out of 10

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


Overall results from the Alpha DSLR-A100 were very good, resolution produced by the ten megapixel sensor was as high as we expected, essentially the same as the D200 (we understand that while based on similar designs the D200's sensor is wired differently).
by DPReview (Jul, 2006)
A small range of editing features are available for JPEG images (for RAW the edit drop-down simply provides a link to Image Data Converter SR).
by DPReview (Jul, 2006)
The A100 is exactly what you might get if you decided to take a Dynax 5D and put in a higher-resolution sensor, upgrade the image processing and apply a cosmetic makeover.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2007)


So it's worth paying extra to get a 10Mp SLR rather than, say, a 6Mp or an 8Mp model... though this does depend on how large you think you want to blow up your pictures and how good the camera's lens is.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2007)
So, the 18mm-to-70mm, f/3.5-to-f/5.6 lens included in the Alpha kits becomes the approximate equivalent of a 27mm-to-105mm lens.
by c|net (Jul, 2006)
I'm also still not convinced that the 'hit rate' of sharp images is as good as a lens based optical stabilization system.
by DPReview (Jul, 2006)

Image stabilization

As we still don't have a definitive test system for image stabilization systems I had to come up with another method which would at least give us an idea of how accurate Sony's claims were.
by DPReview (Jul, 2006)
Processing adjustments (such as changes to white balance, digital exposure compensation etc.) are written back into the RAW file after changing, the original camera settings are always available.
by DPReview (Jul, 2006)
As per most recent digital SLR's the A100 provides a 'dark frame subtraction' noise reduction option for long exposures.
by DPReview (Jul, 2006)


When you first use the A100 it clearly has more Konica Minolta DNA than Sony however their influence comes in the added features and image processing (the camera's user interface and control systems are very similar to previous Konica Minolta digital SLR's, and that's no bad thing).
by DPReview (Jul, 2006)
No real surprises here although we were disappointed (once again) to see yet another digital SLR which can't handle automatic white balance in incandescent light.
by DPReview (Jul, 2006)
One of the problems of digital SLRs is that dust can alight on the sensor and leave dark spots on every photo.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2007)

Image quality

Beyond this you can also adjust contrast, saturation and sharpness.
by DPReview (Jul, 2006)
It produced clean, natural-looking colours in all kinds of daylight and worked much better than most under artificial lighting too.
by TechRadar (Jan, 2007)
Color balance was very good with no hint of color cast or incorrect white balance.
by DPReview (Jul, 2006)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Type CCD
Megapixels 10 MP
Resolution 3872 x 2592
Size APS-C
Area 23.6 x 15.8 mm
Crop factor 1.5x
Pixel size 37.2 microns
Light sensitivity 100 ISO to 1,600 ISO
  1. RAW
  2. JPEG


Type LCD
Size 2.5"
Resolution 230 k dots
Has a touch screen No
Has a flip out screen No
Supports live view No


Min 30 s
Max 1/4000 s


Max continuous shooting 3 fps
Battery life 750 photos
Continuous shooting 3 fps, JPEG
Focus lag 310 ms
Shutter lag 116 ms
Startup delay 1,100 ms


Video None

focus system

Type Contrast detection


Viewfinder mirror Opaque
Viewfinder Viewfinder
Type Pentamirror
Coverage 95%
Magnification 0.83x
Viewfinder size 0.54x

form factor

Size 133 x 95 x 71 mm
Thickness 71 mm
Weight 638 g
Is weather sealed No


Includes a GPS No
Supports HDR No
Automatic panorama No
Create realistic 3D images No
Image stabilization Sensor shift
Report a correction


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