Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2

Released November, 2010
New: Lumix DMC-GF3 (Jun, 2011)
  • 12 MP
  • Four Thirds 17.3 x 13 mm CMOS
  • 3" LCD
Adobe Camera Raw isn't really getting any additional resolution out of the files but is generating a lot of false color.
by DPReview (Feb, 2011)
8.5 Out of 10

Camera Rocket Review Our evaluation of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2

Image Quality

RAW image quality independent of lens

Lumix DMC-GF2
EOS 1100D
Rebel T3i
DxOMark Low light, DxOMark Color depth and DxOMark Dynamic range


How fast and easily does the camera nail focus

Lumix DMC-GF2
EOS 1100D
Rebel T3i
Focus lag and focus points


How much delay is there between you and your photo?

Lumix DMC-GF2
EOS 1100D
Rebel T3i
Focus lag, continuous shooting and Startup delay


What do the experts think?

Lumix DMC-GF2
EOS 1100D
Rebel T3i
Reviews from,,, and 2 more


Camera Rocket Score

Image Quality, Focusing, Responsiveness and Reviews

Lumix DMC-GF2
EOS 1100D
Rebel T3i

Benchmarks Real world tests of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2

Low light image quality Highest ISO setting that still achieves great image quality

Lumix DMC-GF2
506 ISO
Rebel T3i
793 ISO
785 ISO

Resolution Results from photos of standard resolution charts

Lumix DMC-GF2
2,400 LPH
Lumix DMC-GF1
2,100 LPH
Rebel T3i
2,500 LPH

Focus lag Delay between fully pressing shutter to image capture

Lumix DMC-GF2
337 ms
EOS 1100D
110 ms
434 ms

Shutter lag Delay to take a photo when prefocused

Lumix DMC-GF2
74 ms
EOS 1100D
113 ms
Rebel T3i
87 ms

Startup delay Delay from power on to first photo

Lumix DMC-GF2
1,000 ms
2,100 ms
EOS 1100D
100 ms

Continuous shooting Delay between fully pressing shutter to image capture

Lumix DMC-GF2
3.2 fps
12 fps
5.5 fps

Photo Gallery Wallpaper quality closeups of the camera

Reviews Word on the street for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2

The GF2 offers a number of extra controls compared to the GF1, mostly related to the touchscreen and the camera's enhanced movie capabilities.

The DMC-GF2 also offers full HD movies at 1920 x 1080 at 60i (NTSC) / 50i (PAL) in AVCHD format with stereo sound, a new Graphic User Interface, a 12.1-megapixel Live MOS sensor, Venus Engine FHD image processor, expanded ISO range of 100-6400, a built-in pop-up flash and Dust Reduction system.

The integral Four Thirds Live Mos sensor has been carried over and so effective resolution has remained the same, with the GF2 delivering still photos in either JPEG or Raw picture format boasting a maximum count of 12.1 megapixels.

It helps that the LCD feels quite responsive, bright, and relatively easy to view in direct sunlight.


8.1 Out of 10

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


Aside from that, it does well on all the other measures of quality, such as color, exposure, general consistency, and sharpness across lenses.
by c|net (Mar, 2011)
It also feels a little more balanced when equipped with a longer lens.
by c|net (Mar, 2011)
In this regard Olympus's clever collapsing kit zooms offer a distinct advantage.
by DPReview (Feb, 2011)


The same approach is used as when taking pictures, with large translucent blue 'buttons' on the screen for each touch control.
by DPReview (Feb, 2011)
The GF2's video is pretty good - bright, vibrant and as smooth as its specifications would suggest.
by DPReview (Feb, 2011)
Panasonic doesn't make you scroll through the menus via the touch screen, a smart move, since that usually requires a level of precision for which these small displays are unsuited.
by c|net (Mar, 2011)


As usual, the RAW data pretty much echoes the JPEG output, with noise remaining relatively low until ISO 400.
by DPReview (Feb, 2011)
Overall the camera is capable of capturing an impressive level of detail but the JPEG engine doesn's always express it as well as it is with this high-contrast target.
by DPReview (Feb, 2011)
It's important to appreciate, however, that pretty well all the controls you're likely to use the most - shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, ISO and white balance - still behave in exactly the same way as on the rest of the G-series.
by DPReview (Feb, 2011)


Thankfully, Panasonic has redesigned the interface to reflect this touchscreen-reliance with large, easy to press buttons appearing on the screen whenever you go into touch selection mode.
by DPReview (Feb, 2011)
While the polished and intuitive touchscreen interface still won't be to everyone's tastes, it should help the GF2 appeal to a wider audience, helping to expand the appeal of Compact System Cameras further.
by Photography Blog (Nov, 2010)
Options have been added to define the behaviour of the Q. Menu/Fn button, and turn on or off some of the touchscreen controls.
by DPReview (Feb, 2011)


The hot shoe and associated EVF port is still present and correct, alongside the little pop-up flash, and thankfully Panasonic hasn't been tempted to discard the clickable thumbwheel that operates the primary exposure controls.
by DPReview (Feb, 2011)
So if you use the EVF frequently, for example, you can configure a C mode with the controls specifically set up for eye-level shooting.
by DPReview (Feb, 2011)
This makes the GF2 one of the best entry-level cameras for learning quickly what these controls actually do - kudos to Panasonic.
by DPReview (Feb, 2011)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Megapixels 12 MP
Resolution 4000 x 3000
Size Four Thirds
Area 17.3 x 13 mm
Crop factor 2.1x
Pixel size 18.7 microns
Light sensitivity 100 ISO to 6,400 ISO
  1. RAW
  2. JPEG
Self cleaning sensor Yes
Tested vertical resolution 2,400 LPH
Tested horizontal resolution 2,400 LPH

focus system

Type Contrast detection
Focus points 23
Cross type focus points 0
Supports continuous No


Min 60 s
Max 1/4000 s

form factor

Size 113 x 68 x 33 mm
Thickness 33 mm
Weight 310 g
Is weather sealed No


Includes a GPS No
Supports HDR No
Automatic panorama No
Create realistic 3D images Yes
Image stabilization None


Video 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps
Shoots video in 24p No
Shoots high speed video No
External mic jack None
Autofocus while shooting video Contrast detection
Autofocus type Contrast detection


Type LCD
Size 3"
Resolution 460 k dots
Has a touch screen Yes
Has a flip out screen No
Supports live view Yes


Viewfinder mirror None
Viewfinder None


Max continuous shooting 3.2 fps
Battery life 300 photos
Continuous shooting 3.2 fps, JPEG
Focus lag 337 ms
Shutter lag 74 ms
Startup delay 1,000 ms
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