Ten Cool and Random Camera Accessories and Gadgets

Do you have a friend that’s hard to shop for? Do they love everything and anything to do with photography? Well, here are eight gift ideas that will satisfy any photography junkie. As well as a couple cool gadgets, that need to be developed.

1) Camera Phone Lenses

Cam Accessories - FullyM 3

Everyone has a cell these days but sometimes cell camera quality is not up to par. The attachable camera phone lens will allow you to take quality photos with the convenience of your phone. (Buy Here)

2) Camera Lens Mug

Cam Accessories - FullyM 5
Cam Accessories - FullyM 4

After a long day of taking photos you can come home, relax and take a sip out of the camera lens mug. It’s very realistic, so don’t get it mixed up with the real thing. You could pull a pretty good prank on your photography loving friends with this! (Buy Here)

3) Solar-Powered Camera Strap


Cam Accessories - FullyM 6

Don’t get too excited about this one as it’s still in the concept stage. What a great concept it is, though.

4) Corner Picture Frames

Cam Accessories - FullyM 11

For the person that has everything, I bet they don’t have the corner picture frame. (Buy Here)

5) Camera USB Drive

Cam Accessories - FullyM 7

On this mini camera, the lens detaches from the body of the camera and SURPRISE the lens doubles-up as a USB stick. (Buy Here)

6) Photo Album Coffee Table


Cam Accessories - FullyM
Cam Accessories - FullyM 1

Do you have shelves and shelves cluttered with photo albums? Have no fear the coffee table photo album is here! Unfortunately, this is an art project and not a purchasable item.

7) Camera Level Cube

Cam Accessories - FullyM 15

The Level Camera Cube slides into your camera’s hot shoe. How it works: point at your subject and align the bubbles to set up a straight and narrow frame. (Buy Here)

8) Model Mini Camera With 3 Lenses

Cam Accessories - FullyM 12
Cam Accessories - FullyM 13
Cam Accessories - FullyM 18

I wasn’t entirely sure what the point of the model mini camera was, but after viewing the photo of the woman using it as a necklace charm, I’m still not sure what the point of this thing is…perhaps an accessory for a Barbie Doll. (Buy Here)

9) Bottle Cap Tripod

Cam Accessories - FullyM 14

The bottle cap attaches to your camera, so you can make any bottle a tripod. (Buy Here) This can also be a DIY project.

10) Superheadz Clap Tiny Camera

Cam Accessories - FullyM 16
Cam Accessories - FullyM 17

I want one of these!!! Created in Japan (where else?), this mini camera contains a USB flash drive. The camera is also a memory card reader for microSD cards. It’s capable of shooting two megapixel photos and 720 by 480 videos. What will the Japanese think of next? (Buy Here)

(via Bored Panda, Demilked and Digital Trends)

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