Nikon D3s Is Put To The Test: Survives Being Set On Fire and Frozen Solid

No one is immune from the genetic disorder known as “butter fingers”, including photographers who have expensive DSLR’s.

Nikon advertises their D3s camera as being a durable product and French website, pixelistes, took it upon themselves to see just how durable the Nikon D3s is. The camera endured being rinsed off under a tap, taking a bath, being thrown from a car, taking a swim in a muddy swamp, being frozen in a block of ice and being set on fire!

Surprisingly, the Nikon D3s survived the multiple traumas. With a price tag of $6,799, you’d hope the D3s would be able to take a beating from any clumsy photographer, so it’s good that it can.

Despite this test not being executed by Nikon, it’s amazing publicity for the company. I wonder, if secretly, pixelistes and Nikon worked together on creating this advertising gold. Let the conspiracy theories begin!

(via DIYPhotography)


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