LG’s Chicken Cam Ad Is a Hilarious Way to Explain Image Stabilization

Have you ever held eye contact with a bird as he balanced on a telephone wire? If so, you know that all birds possess the insane ability to keep their heads perfectly still, no matter what their bodies are doing. I mean, a chicken could be standing on a bouncy castle surrounded by several wildly jumping children and she’d still be staring right into your soul with eyes seemingly locked in one place. It’s pretty creepy.

But, creepy as it may be, a chicken’s head would also be the perfect place to rest a camera if you wanted a super steady image. It’s also a great analogy for the way the optical image stabilization technology found in the LG G2 works. Check out this hilarious commercial for a full demo of the chicken cam. (And a well-made ad for the LG G2.)

(via FStoppers)

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