Cringe as You Watch This Dude’s Expensive Drone-Mounted Camera Go for a Swim

So, you wanna get some epic shots of the freezing cold waters of Iceland. Great! And, you just so happen to be the proud owner of a $750 Sony RX100 II and a $680 DJI Phantom quadcopter – a drone that’s meant to be used with a GoPro. No problem! All you have to do is mod the quadcopter to work with the Sony.

Sounds like a great idea… until your beloved equipment malfunctions because you hacked it and you lose nearly $1,500 worth of photography stuff in the frigid waters of Iceland.

“I don’t encourage people to go out and perform needless hacks and unsanctioned upgrades, especially if you’re not insured, like we were,” says photographer Chase Jarvis.

Wise words.

(via Gizmodo)

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