Tattoos and Pin-Up

Tattoo acceptance is at an all time high, anyone can have one, and they don’t really send the controversial message they used to.

Artist Jason Hill took a series of classic vintage photographs featuring some of Hollywood’s iconic movie stars from the 40’s and 50’s, and added full sets of tattoos. managing editor Benjamin Starr explores the series, which features classic actresses, from Marilyn Monroe to Judy Garland.

With the “Retro” look becoming more mainstream each day, I think the idea of classic movie stars with a modern twist like tattoos was bound to be tried by an artist eventually. While I see the message Jason Hill was trying to get across, I’m not really crazy about this particular set.

I think he could have done some cool editing that would have made the tattoos look more authentic. From someone with tattoos myself, I can tell that some of the pictures look too much like they were drawn on, and that, in my opinion, takes away from the realistic feel the photographs were meant to convey. Cool concept, but it didn’t quite execute for me, keep at it Jason.




(via VisualNews)

Image Credit: Photographs by Jason Hill

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