Attention Millionaires: Vintage Gold and Leather Leica Luxus II With Crocodile Skin Case for Sale

Are you a person of wealth and taste? Are you looking for an accessory that will perfectly complement your Scrooge McDuck-style giant pit of gold coins? Do you need a camera with which to photograph your extensive collection of Grey Poupon jars? Well, look no further than this gold plated, leather covered Leica Luxus II (with handy dandy crocodile skin case!), made in 1932.

A bit of background, from the Telegraph:

The camera was given to its late owner, a keen amateur photographer, after the end of World War Two. He used it throughout the 1940s and 1950s and is unlikely to have been aware of how valuable it was to become.

The Leica is one of just four of its kind, and no one knows where the other three are. This makes it exceedingly rare, as well as exceedingly valuable.

“From a collectors point of view I would be disappointed if it didn’t go for more than £1m [$1.6 million],” said Jon Baddeley, managing director of the auction house that currently holds the Leica, told the Telegraph.

So, whaddya say, rich people? Which are you planning to buy — this or Jony Ive’s $500,000 Leica that looked like a can of Diet Coke?

Bonhams_leica-luxus-ii_FullyM_001 Bonhams_leica-luxus-ii_FullyM_002 Bonhams_leica-luxus-ii_FullyM_003 Bonhams_leica-luxus-ii_FullyM_004

(via the Verge)

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